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The Central American Journal of Geology (CAJG) is an official scientific publication of the University of Costa Rica, the object of which is to disseminate basic or applied geological and geo-scientific research carried out in Costa Rica and the Circum-Caribbean region, or other contribution of interest to the region.

The CAJG publishes the following types of articles:

A) Academic and technological original and unpublised contributions
C) Geological maps and their guides
D) Abstracts of theses
E) Book reviews
F) Comments to papers in this journal,
G) Reviews on activities of interest in the geological field
H) Biographies

The articles may be submitted in English or Spanish by email in Word to the Director or Editor at the following addresses:

Printed material must be be sent to the following address:

The Central American Journal of Geology
Escuela Centroamericana de Geología
Apartado 214-2060, Universidad de Costa Rica
San José, Costa Rica


Percy Denyer

Oscar Lücke

Benjamín Acevedo

Teresita Aguilar. Centro de Investigaciones en Ciencia Geológicas, UCR
Guillermo E. Alvarado. Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad
Alejandro Arauz. ALARCA Geoquímica Aplicada
Kenneth Bolaños. Metales Procesados S.A.
Walter Montero. Centro de Investigaciones en Ciencias Geológicas

Latin America
Manuel Iturralde Vinent. Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Cuba
Hugo Delgado Granados. Inst. Geofísica, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Blanca Buitrón, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Ivan A. Petrinovic. Universidad Nacional de Salta

Central America
Dionisio Radríguez. Centro de Investigaciones Geológicas, Univ.Managua
Eduardo Camacho. Dep. Geociencias, Univ. Panamá

Estados Unidos
Michael J. Carr. Dept. Earth and Planet Sciences, Rutgers Univ.
Spencer G. Lucas. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
Linda Gundersen. United States Geological Survey
Louise Bolge. Geochemistry Dept. at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
Kennet E. FLores,Brooklyn College of the City University of New York

Peter O. Baumgartner. Inst. Geología Paleontología, Univ. Lausanne
Reinhard Schmidt-Effing. Universidad de Marburgo
Vladimír Petroš. Technical University of Ostrava.

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